You Are Not Done

Change and transition are big words. That’s why I am not afraid to tackle them. My talks focus on how to move knowingly through momentous changes, what transition represents, what is happening under the surface during it and how to meet it directly to forge new ways of being in the world.


I have taken the stage at The Speaker Salon, am a Published SPEAKer with SPEAK events and have spoken before multiple business and non-profit audiences.


I can add real-world perspective and inspiration to your next event.


Talks include:

  • I Am Not Done: A roadmap for questioning the assumptions behind age, work and living a productive life.
  • Knowing When to Shift: An exploration of the truth behind why we don’t like to make big shifts, how to see the need for change early on and the transition skills needed to welcome new possibilities.
  • A Swiss Army Knife of Slights: A recognition of the complexities of being a woman who ages, from the pain of losing perceived relevancy to shifting roles and expectations. What does it mean to be a woman of a “certain age” with insight and courage?