Kristina DiPalo

is a recognized leader in performance coaching, strategic communications and leadership branding. She formed her firm – Elysian Communications – in 2012 to help companies and senior leaders navigate complex change including mergers, record-breaking growth, restructurings and global initiatives. Using innovative communications programs to smooth the change curve, Kristina effectively positioned leaders as thoughtful stewards of company mission and values.

Early on, she saw the growing practice of performance coaching as a natural extension of her work with leaders and undertook an intensive training program to become a coach, graduating from the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance program in 2015. Kristina earned her ACC (Associate Certified Coach) from the International Coaching Federation in 2019.

Combining her strong background in the potent nature of story with a focus on helping individuals write their own narrative, Kristina is that uncommon practitioner ready to help you tell your story.

Provenance: New Jersey, USA

Top Chance Meeting: Paul Volcker, Former Fed Chair, on the streets of NYC

Greatest Sense Memory: A Field of Sunflowers in Hungary

Best Part -Time Job: Working at a Porsche-Audi dealer in high school

Guilty Pleasure: The movie "Grease"

Favorite Cocktail: Extra Dirty Vodka Martini

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