A Change of Season

Every career has its seasons. My own career has shifted many times. My very first post-undergraduate job was as a customer service representative for a mutual fund company. Hard to believe, given what I do now. Yet it was a start, and a good one in retrospect. After a short time, and with support from loved ones, I moved into another career season. The second season brought me to corporate communications, a career I pursued for a long stretch. It was good, really good. Lots of career growth, interesting assignments, skill building and, of greatest import, the opportunity to work with extraordinary people.

Then the season changed.

Nine years ago, I shifted from working as a strategic communicator within corporate walls to creating a consulting firm, Elysian Communications. As it happened, I was filled with expectation, purpose and a sense of “What the heck am I doing?” Anyone who has run their own business knows what I’m talking about. Like prior seasons, this one was simultaneously demanding and exciting. I worked on numerous engagements including large-scale change (M&A, restructurings, complex change initiatives), culture and engagement programs, executive communications, and strategic counsel. My clients ranged from global biopharmaceuticals to agricultural companies, industrials and global animal health leaders. Running my own firm gave me a crash course in professional autonomy. It also taught me that a happy career is one that welcomes change.

The season is changing once more.

I’m proud to announce the expansion of my business into leadership coaching and public speaking. While building Elysian Communications 1.0, I pursued training in leadership performance coaching through a rigorous program aligned with the principles of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I earned my Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential in 2018. And I have been shifting my professional focus to include leadership coaching and branding. It’s actually a focus that I have been quietly planning for years.

What I love most about strategic communications is working with leaders on shaping stories that are resonant and sincere. Oftentimes, the very act of building a narrative and working with a leader to deliver it leads to deep conversation about how the leader sees their personal role in the story. Coaching is a logical extension of what I love professionally. Working closely with leaders, supporting their growth and helping them communicate through word and action, this is the platform where I combine the discipline of coaching with the impact of narrative. It simply fits.

This new season has arrived for many reasons, including the relationships and collegiality of those with whom I’ve worked and those with whom I am still connected. Thank you for being part of the story. I look forward to the opportunities we will have to work together, and to the future that lies ahead.

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